The big event King in black continues to bring major changes to the entire Marvel Comics universe due to the enormous threat Knull poses to planet Earth. The expansion of the symbionts on the surface of the earth has resulted in a clash that fans are thrilled about Spider Man expected, namely Venom vs. Carnage.

As many of you will remember, you followed the events that were shown during the Absolute Carnage event. Cletus Kasady, the mad killer came into contact with the symbiote was killed, for this reason the House of Ideas has decided to return Carnage in an alternative version, and above all completely unexpected, ready to face directly the Gwen Stacy of another reality.

The mini-series, consisting of three volumes, is dedicated to Clash between Gwenom and Carnage Immediately presented readers with the troubling threat that Ghost-Spider poses to the entire city of New York, given the growing number of humans and even animals infected by the symbiotes. Unfortunately, Mary Jane Watson also comes into contact with the symbiote, and after Knull succeeded in establishing a connection with her, MJ imagines Gwen as the new carnageas you can see in the table at the bottom of the page.

A scene that could lead to important changes, although it is not yet known whether the new Carnage will return in other Marvel Comics series. What do you think about it? Did you like this twist? Let us know with a comment below. Remember Miles Morales is about to face the Clone saga and we'll leave you with the new Fabibi cosplay dedicated to Spider-Man.

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