The digital market is getting bigger and bigger. Korean webtoons have been paving the way for years, but the Japanese have only recently embarked on a more virtual path, bringing their magazines to the digital realm as well. However, there are also ad hoc creations like Shueisha did with Shonen Jump+now one of the most popular apps.

Shuhei Hosono, editor-in-chief of digital magazine Shonen Jump+, revealed some data on the platform in a recent interview, mainly related to users and future goals. At the moment, Shonen Jump+ has 2.6 million daily active users, numbers rising to 6.7 million for weekly users and between 11 and 12.5 million for monthly users. At the moment the face of the platform is represented by two very popular manga, namely Spy x Family and Kaiju No. 8, but in the background there are also other valid and upcoming titles like Dandadan, without excluding Takopi's original Sin and Chainsaw Man, these are very major hits for Shonen Jump+.

Hosono's goals are mainly two: The first is closed create an international success of caliber ONE PIECE and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and that he can overcome them; The second, instead, is to identify the mechanism that makes it possible to create series with such great success. In addition, they want to increase the number of weekly users on Jump+ from the current 6.7 to around 10 million. He also wants at least one of the published series to be read by at least 10 million people.

To achieve these goals, it follows three strategies: suggestions from newcomers, overcoming the mechanism of polls and "live performances". Hosono wants Shonen Jump+ to become a platform that achieves a kind of shared experience where everyone can read and discuss a series also via social media, thus growing with that series. In the meantime, however, the mother magazine Weekly Shonen Jump is also growing in the digital area, but the focus is also on Manga Plus and its internationality.

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