A few weeks ago the opening of a web domain for the franchise was announced Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu (also known as The saint's magical ability is all powerful), which is based on the light novels of the same name Yuka Tachibana and illustrated by Yasuyuki Shuri. However, no report was submitted on this new project. It was today when it was officially announced that the above novels would be adapted to an anime series being produced by the studios. Diomedea.

Yuka Tachibana began publishing the novels in 2016 through the website specializing in literary works Shousetsuka ni Narou. Then in February 2017 the physical start of the first volume of the saga took place. In this volume was the illustrator Yasuyuki Shuri began his participation in the art of the series.

In July 2017, it was announced that the work would have a manga adaptation. The manga is illustrated by Fujiazuki and published on the website Flos comic from the publisher Kadokawa.

Synopsis of Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu

Sei, a 20-year-old office worker, is transported to a whole new world. Sei was called as part of a ritual to find a new saint whose job it was to banish all the dark magic from the place. However, this ritual went wrong and instead of summoning one hero, two were summoned! Unfortunately for Sei, everyone prefers the second summoned girl, but she accepts her fate and decides to open a cosmetics and potions shop. Business seems to be doing well and Sei is gradually adjusting to this new world, but… his magical power means that he has problems from time to time.

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