DC Comics has previewed the first tables of the new work dedicated to the narrative universe of Sandman, The Dreaming: Waking Hours. At writing we find the acclaimed screenwriter Willow Wilson, while the artist Nick Robles takes care of the artistic sector.

The sequences at the bottom of the article, in addition to offering a first glance at the dreamlike settings of the series, also reveal the Variant Cover created by the artist Bill Sienkiewicz. The first issue of The Dreaming: Waking Hours will hit the market on August 4th, barring any postponements of the last hour.

The following is the official synopsis published by DC Comics:

"A new chapter in the Sandman saga begins with an unpublished miniseries, populated by both familiar and new faces! One of Dream's heaviest responsibilities is the creation of nightmares: the beings who persecute our sleep and transform our thoughts into darkness. In the form of Rovina, the nightmare of catastrophic disaster, Dream was certain he had built his next masterpiece ... but Rovina cannot help but live up to its name, transforming every situation into a spiral of unexpected consequences . Unfortunately, the Shakespearean scholar (and exhausted new mother) Lindy dreamed of Ruin ... and meanwhile handed him over to the waking world! The Sandman universe is changing - and award-winning writer Hugo and World Fantasy G. Willow Wilson (Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, The Bird King) and emerging artist Nick Robles (Euthanauts) are here to welcome you! "

The first few episodes of Sandman's Netflix series may stray from paper. Meanwhile, the author of the original comic, Neil Gaiman, announced the work stop.

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