There have been many skirmishes in Onigashima in recent months ONE PIECE. While Monkey D. Luffy tried to climb the stairs to get to Kaido, his companions kept their opponents at bay and tried to reduce enemy forces. Then it was time for the fight between Luffy and Kaido, between the new and the old generation.

Most of the last few weeks have been just focused on her. Between the attacks of Kid and Law, the slashes of Zoro and Killer and finally the powerful punches of Luffy, the Two emperors from ONE PIECE had to test the anger of the youngest. But the space dedicated to them must not make us forget that in the lower floors there is a whole war that devastates both the pirates of Kaido and the alliance between pirates and samurai. But a key player in the schemes soon comes into play.

That ONE PIECE 1019 trailer It shows what happens in the corridors of Onigashima while on the roof they give a lot of ground. The protagonist is O-Tama, the little girl who is able to control animals with the power of her devil fruit, which also affects the SMILE. With the help of Speed ​​​​the girl spreads the Kibi Dango all over the island in order to bring as many forces as possible to the side of the protagonists and weaken Kaido.

ONE PIECE 1019 is titled "O-Tama's Secret Plan! Operation Kibidango” and will be released on Sunday, May 29, 2022.

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