A recent leak indicated that the light novel series by Shinji Cobkubo and illustrated by Akagishi K., Sabikui Bisco ((Rust eater Bisco), will have an anime adaptation. The leak has not been confirmed, however it should be noted that this literary franchise recently received an award from the publishing label Dengeki Bunko.

Shinji Cobkubo and Akagishi K began publishing the light novels through the publishing label Dengeki Bunko from the publisher Kadokawa in March 2018. The publisher published the fifth volume in December 2019, followed by the sixth in June 2020 in Japan.

The piece also inspired a manga adaptation of Yuusuke Takahashipublished through the digital service Manga UP! from the publisher Square enix since April 2019. So far, a total of two compilation volumes have been published.

Synopsis by Sabikui Bisco

The story takes place in a Japan destroyed by a rust plague and describes the journey of the strongest mushroom hunter Bisco Akaboshi and the young doctor Milo Nekoyanagi as well as their search for the legendary medicinal mushroom "Sabikui", which is considered a cure.

Β© 瘀 久保 ζ…Ž 司 (θ‘—), θ΅€ε²Έ K (γ‚€ γ‚€ γ‚Ή γƒˆ), Mocha (γ‚€ ラ γ‚Ή γƒˆ) / KADOKAWA


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