With the near the end of the giants' attackAll the protagonists have gathered in one place to decide which direction humanity should go. Whoever wins here will shape the future of the world created by Hajime Isayama.

And a lot depends on it Armin Arlet. The boy had been captured by Ymir, who had used a huge animal with the characteristics of an okapi and had been with Zeke Jaeger in the world dedicated to the Eldians at the end of chapter 136 of the attack of the giants. The duo started a discussion about what was right at the time. Armin was determined to save his friends, while Zeke seemed to have lost hope.

With an almost nihilistic attitude Zeke only thought about how life was going and why it wasn't worth fighting on anyway. Instead, in chapter 137 of The Giants' Attack, Armin focuses on the little lucky moments and shows them to Zeke, even with the help of a baseball reminiscent of the bearded man Xaver, whom he considered his father.

Thanks for that New feelings arise in Zeke who enlisted the help of some of the giant old owners we know to save Armin in the real world and kill Levi Zeke. And now it remains to see what will happen in chapter 138 of The Giants' Attack.

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