Weekly Shonen Jump's renewal over the past few weeks has brought two new stories as a dowry, replacing others that were canceled due to lack of success. The first was Aliens Area, a sci-fi fighting manga; the second is instead RuriDragonfocused on a lot more slice-of-life issues.

there Story of young Ruri, a high school girl who one day discovers that she has dragon traits and therefore has to face a very different everyday life, seems to have hit everyone immediately. In Japan, the series will not only be published on Weekly Shonen Jump, but also on the digital magazine Shonen Jump +, where the views of the first chapters are excellent and far exceed expectations.

The first chapter of RuriDragon has received over 680,000 views while the second has surpassed 310,000. In total, RuriDragon has over a million views on Shonen Jump+ at the moment, which testifies that the public liked this story of Masaoki Shindo well. But the series can count on good support not only in Japan: on MangaPlus, with only three published chapters RuriDragon has reached almost 240,000 viewsresulting in the series being in the platform's top 10, beating out more stable titles like Sakamoto Days, Mashle, and Dandadan, and approaching Kaiju #8.

A good start for this young series that could stay with Weekly Shonen Jump for a long time.

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