After the excellent reception reserved for the final chapter of the regular series, Resident Evil Village, the horror franchise signed by Capcom is ready to return to the screens thanks to the series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Leon's and Claire's new adventure will arrive worldwide on July 8th, as detailed in the new Netflix Japan trailer.

After a brief update regarding the voice actors of the protagonists in the American version, who will be Nick Apostolides and Sephanie Panisello respectively, or the same ones in the remake of the second chapter released in January 2019, Netflix and Capcom are back to grab the attention of Fans with a trailer that can be recreated the atmosphere that shaped the first games in the series.

Two years after the events in Resident Evil 4, survivors of the Raccoon City tragedy are embroiled in two seemingly different missions. The finding of the mysterious drawingAs seen in the trailer you can find on the news above, Claire, now part of the TerraSave group, immediately suggests a variant of the virus will return. Meanwhile, Leon is invited to the White House to shed some light on the darkness a strange violation of the presidential network, and there he finds himself facing a dangerous horde of zombies.

The trailer in question also revealed who the Japanese voice actors of the protagonists will be, that is Toshiyuki Morikawa as Leon and Yuko Kaida as Claire. We also remind you that the series is considered fully canonical within the franchise.

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