Now let's just talk about the MADS, the group of scientists who guided Vegapunk throughout his life before the world government and navy forced him to close their doors and take the genius to their side. In ONE PIECE All of these characters are encountered by the Straw Hat Pirates in one way or another.

However, there was one secret member who hadn't been shown before, if not from behind in a brief recap of Judge Vinsmoke's mini-adventure. But now it seems clear who this character is. Along with Vegapunk, Queen, Judge and Caesar, the group also boasted the collaboration of Stussy, an agent of the CP0 but who is actually a completely different person. As a matter of fact, Stussy is a pirate clone of the Rocks crewMiss Buckingham Stussy.

While discussing the research of Kuma Bartholomew, ONE PIECE 1073 will focus on Stussy and his sensational revelation. The shock has already struck Rob Lucci, who must act quickly now that the woman can also command the Seraphim, turning the tide of battle in the scientist's favor. Whether she's Vegapunk's trump card isn't clear yet, but things certainly seem to be heading in that direction at the moment. Lucci is surrounded, but the man also has great pride and it would not be surprising to see him confront one of the Mugiwara, perhaps a Sanji, while the others hold back the Seraphim destroying the lab. A new clash with the leopard is therefore upon us, but Kizaru might finally make his move Before it is too late.

ONE PIECE 1073 will be released on Sunday 29th January at 16:00 on Manga Plus.

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