For several months now, many animation studios have rearranged their production cycle, but not without compromising due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. This is the case with, for example Re: Zero - Starting life in another world.

The animation director for the fifth episode of the series, Naoki Hiramura, went to Twitter to update fans on the latest employee terms and conditions. Basically, the artist stated that to this day, work on the anime will be remotely happening right inside the walls of the house:

"I worked as the animation director on episode 5 of Re: Zero. After that episode, I was completely locked in the house because of the coronavirus. At the moment I'm still stuck in my house."

Unfortunately, this is a necessary restriction in order for the production of the series to continue without endangering the health of the entire staff. Although the state of emergency has been lifted in Japan, there are still significant restrictions on how the work can be carried out, especially the collective one.

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Re: Zero, Rem's first 1: 1 statue, is priced at $ 40,000. Re: Zero, the second OVA in the series, is now available on Crunchyroll Italia.

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