About a year and a half after the debut of the first season of Recording of Ragnarok, Netflix returns to propose the war between gods and humans in animated form in the highly anticipated sequel. As such, the television series is available in the on-demand streaming giant's catalog from today.

The trailer shared by Netflix a few days ago announced the upcoming release of the second season, which arrived this morning as promised to enrich the service's schedule. In a special news we had already anticipated all the clashes of Record of Ragnarok 2, a sequel that will have the task of improving the past season that, due to a technical sector, did not quite satisfy the audience to the source material.

the first episode season 2 is titled 'the battle between good and evil' And Netflix sums it up like this: “The gods have no intention of letting humans win the next round and present none other than the great hero Hercules for the next battle".

And what faction are you in? As usual, let us know what you think of the new episodes with a comment in the comments box below, but not before refreshing the events with our review of Record of Ragnarok.

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