My Hero Academia: Himiko Toga manages to come up with a new, unexpected disguise

Himiko Toga He is establishing himself more and more as one of the most important figures in the Union of Villains, the criminals who follow Tomura Shigaraki. The girl was one of the first representatives of the group and has proven herself several times My hero academia Have excellent physical and murder skills.

Thanks to her quirk, Himiko Toga can transform herself into the person whose blood she drinks. Always having a supply is therefore essential if he wants to use his individuality. Throughout the story we have seen her attack and get blood from different characters. One of them is Uraraka Ochako, used in the fight with Curious, but Camie Utsushimi was also a victim.

It seems that she also managed to get Midoriya's blood, although she hasn't used it yet, but a new disguise and probably a new victim They were featured in My Hero Academia 288. To lure Uraraka away from the crowd and other heroes, she transformed into an energetic old lady and led the heroine through the meanders of the city to an abandoned hut, where she finished her transformation.

Now we have to see how toga and uraraka face each other: the appointment is for My Hero Academia 289.

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