Through the official website for the animated adaptation of the manga Pray no Yubi de Midarero. Heiten-go Futarikiri no Salon of ..., which is written and illustrated by Neco, it was revealed that the series has already completed production and that Chapters 8 and 9 will premiere on their regular dates.

The series premiered on April 5 on Japanese television. Tokyo Mx and this is the latest installment of the digital platform ComicFesta and It consists of animated shorts for adults. This release has two versions, one censored for television and the other uncensored for premium users of the platform. The Blu-ray and DVD formats for the series will go on sale on July 15.

Neco began publishing the manga digitally in 2019, the publisher Shueisha It is responsible for the paper publication and has published a compilation volume to date.

Cast and Staff

Wataru Komada (regular version) and Sawa Manaka (explicit version) as Sousuke Nanase.

Pray no Yubi de Midarero

Yuri Yamaoka (regular version) and Kou Hachimitsu (explicit version) as Fumi Hoshiya.

Pray no Yubi de Midarero

Takuma Nagatsuka (regular version) e Ishimaru Sakura (explicit version) as Kaname Chiba.

Pray no Yubi de Midarero

On the staff side, the following are listed:

  • Mitsutaka Noshitana is in charge of directing anime in studios Magic bus.
  • Shinichiro Sawayama is in charge of the composition of the series.
  • Taihei Nagai is in charge of character design and art direction.

Synopsis of Ore no Yubi by Midarero

Every part of my body he touches with his fingers trembles and burns ... Secretly we entwine beside the bathtub and wash our hair ... If he continues I won't be able to contain my voice ...!

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