Pretty Cure: The title of the new movie Healin ‘Good Precure has been revealed

Healin'Good Precurewho have favourited 17th Pretty Cure series from Toei Animation. The new movie will be Eiga Healin 'Good β™₯ Precure Yume no Machi de Kyun! to GoGo! Daihenshin !! and will be released across Japan on March 20, 2021.

The plot of the film Eiga Healin 'Good β™₯ Precise Yume no Machi de Kyun! to GoGo! Daihenshin !! will see the heroines of Star β˜† Twinkle Pretty Cure is HUGtto! Nice healing during a trip to Sukoyaka City, the city where Healin 'Good Precure is set. The Pretty Cure must save the ghost of tomorrow Miraclun from the ghost of the past. Refrain that wants to prevent the world from living tomorrow.

in the Heal good precisionThe healing garden is a secret place in the center of the earth and helps the earth to stay healthy. The secret location has been attacked by the Byogens who want to infect the country. Three Healin 'Animals and Latte, the Healin' Garden princess, go in search of companions to fight the evil Byogens. You meet three girls, Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata who You transform into Pretty Cure battling the Byogens to protect life on earth and in the healing garden.

Rie Kitagawa sang the soundtrack "Healin 'Good ❀ Precure Touch !!" and the song "Circle Love ~ Sakura ~". The director will be Yoko Ikeda and Junko Komura will oversee the lyrics. Neokok Yamaoka will be the character design and Nagisa Nishida will be the art designer. Shiho Terada will be the composer and Kiyomi Sakairi will be the color key. Rie Kitagawa will return to sing the opening of Healin 'Good Precure Touch !! and Kanako Miyamoto will sing the end All β˜† Healin 'G'Day.

Let's remember that Healin 'Good Precure is one of the souls postponed due to the coronavirus. Magica Doremì's film will be released in Japan in a few days.

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