This Saturday during the airing of the final episode of the anime's re-airing Pop team Epic (Poputepipikku), which originally aired in January 2018, a promotional video was revealed to announce season two production for the project. The sequel will be released sometime in 2022. Further details on the series will be announced shortly.

The first visual for this second season has also been released.

The series is based on a Yonkoma manga (four panel) written and illustrated by Bkub Okawa and originally aired in a 30-minute block between January and March 2018. The episodes are divided into two parts, both practically the same, but changing the voice actors on each show. Masashi ebara Yes Yuuji mitsuya played Popuko in the first original episode while Houchuu ootsuka Yes Noriko Hidaka they played pipimi. However, it was included in the version that was recently broadcast in Japan Mama Koyama Yes Ryuusei Nakao like Popuko, yes Kotono Mitsuishi Yes Norio Wakamoto like Pipimi.

Pop Team Epic Synopsis

Poputepipikku raises the absurd comedy with its pop-cultural references and surreal cheerfulness to eleven. With two true high school protagonists - Popuko, short and extremely angry quickly, and Pipimi, tall and imperturbably calm - they toss genres against the wall and don't wait to see what's left. The parody is tied to the drama, action, rawness, and the overall goal of the series: to become a true anime.

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