In order to become the best Pokémon trainer in the world, Ash captured the strongest pocket monsters he has found. Even so, the legendary protagonist of the franchise has decided not to evolve Pikachu, his very first companion in the adventure. A trend that is also continuing Pokémon exploration.

Pikachu is an electric Pokémon that isn't particularly powerful. By analyzing its stats, one can see that it almost doubles as one evolves into Raichu. But if Ash really plans to become the best coach in the world, why has he decided not to develop his friend? Pikachu is the brand's mascotso the cartoon absolutely needs his presence. However, there are much deeper reasons behind this fact.

The answer may surprise you: in Ash's psyche, this was never his choice. The trainer always left free will to all his Pokémon, including Pikachu. As evidence of this, Bulbasaur decides not to evolve in episode 48 of the first season, and Ash respects that decision.

Pikachu had numerous possibilities to be able to transform into a mighty Raichu, but has always chosen to "remain himself". As seen in Season 1 Episode 14, the fear of evolution is evident in the Electric Pokémon's eyes and it moves away from the Thunder Stone that is in the possession of its trainer.

Even so, Ash still has this tool. Should Pikachu change his mind, the boy would be ready to grant his wish. This confirms it again wonderful connection that connects the two: Ash does not consider his Pikachu's feelings in the present, but also in the future. Even though the series made it into season 23, Pikachu isn't ready to move on and say goodbye to his partner just yet. What do you think the franchise mascot should take a turn? In light of the 25th anniversary, there is news for the animated Pokémon series. A spectacular battle between dragons in the next episode of Pokémon Exploration.

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