The anime series dedicated to the Pokémon franchise are not new in the presence of Easter Egg or hidden gifts in the frames of some episodes, and it seems that even the miniseries, Pokémon Twilight Wings , has been spared. In fact, a fan has managed to find a nice Lampent in a precise frame.

The sixth episode of the anime dedicated to some of the most interesting characters seen in the Galar region, the new setting of the eighth generation video games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, saw the mysterious protagonist Onion, gym leader of the ghost-type Pokémon.

There are numerous quite disturbing appearances related to monsters of this type, just think of Lavandonia in the first historical series. In one scene we see Onion in the distance entering a hospital, leaving the spectators to observe a stretch of road where there are street lamps, a stop for Volotaxi, and the elegant Corviknight.

Near the building it is easy to spot some specter Pokémon, including a Dreepy, the basic form of the evolutionary line of Dragapult, the legendary pseudo of this generation, and a fan has also been able to find a Lampent in the upper left, perfectly camouflaged in the surrounding environment.

The height and the fact that it is located near a hospital is certainly a reference to English voice of the Pokédex, where it is explicitly explained that in the city you try to look like a lamppost, while waiting for someone's death to absorb their spirit. You can find these details in the post at the bottom of the news, shared by @hebibebi on Twitter.

Recall that in the anime of the regular series, Pokémon: Explorations, a leak has revealed Go's next partner, and that soon we will see an interesting clash between two great trainers.

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