Nowadays the Pokémon franchise boasts over a thousand episodes of the anime series broadcast in two decades, but among many, no one has frightened Team Rocket as much as the third in the Sun and Moon saga. The episode, entitled "Pokédex started!", Introduced for the first time Mimikyu, the terrifying seventh generation spectrum.

The Twitter user ChikoritaCheezits decided to remember the event by publishing a scene from the episode on his profile, thus unleashing the hilarity of his followers. In fact, in the episode, a frightened Meowth broke the fourth wall shouting: "I can't tell you what he's saying, this is a family show!"immediately after being questioned by James. Fans of the anime then joked a bit in the comments by betting on the phrase pronounced by the Pokémon.

In the episode in question, Team Rocket meets Mimikyu on the island of Mele Mele and immediately tries to catch him. Meowth's attacks fail but as the specter prepares to counterattack, he is distracted by the appearance of Ash Ketchum and his friends. Moved by a deep hatred towards Ash's Pikachu, Mimikyu tells Meowth that he wants to join Team Rocket and is eventually captured by Jesse.

And what do you think of it? Did you remember this scene? Let us know with a comment! Always referring to the Pokémon theme then, we recommend you take a look at our analysis of the last episode of Pokémon Explorations, anime soon arriving in Italy on K2 as well.

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