During the last Pokémon Presents, Wit Studio announced the production of an anime series dedicated to the Hisui region, where all the events narrated in the video game Pokémon Legends: Arceus take place. After two months of waiting, more information was revealed, accompanied by the first official poster.

In fact, the Pokémon Company International has published some promotional images to present the style that will characterize them Pokémon: Hisui's Snow. This is a three-episode miniseries directed by Ken Yamamoto and starring Kuro as the character designer, and will be released on the official Pokémon YouTube channel starting May 18, 2022.

From the title and from the glimpses of the environment shown, we can assume that much of the story will focus on the area known as Candidi Ice in the video game developed by Game Freaknamely the last one unlocked with the continuation of the story, full of high level Pokemon that can prove to be quite hostile.

On social networks, the official pages of the franchise have also shared the image that you can see below, where the protagonist Alec is also presented, holding one Mask inspired by the form of Zoroark in the Hisui region. A short synopsis, descriptions of the three main characters and their designs were also released.

The series will not only show the long-frozen expanses, but also explore them thoroughly Alec's past, a boy, went to the Hisui region to deepen his knowledge of some medicinal herbs as he dreamed of becoming a doctor. While traveling aboard a ship, Alec Think back to the first time he came to the regionalong with his father, a carpenter who is interested in obtaining various materials but who begins to fear Pokémon after an accident.

Tell us what you think about these first details in the comments section. Finally, we leave you our review of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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