PokémonThe world's best-selling franchise continues to be talked about thanks to numerous innovations that concern not only video games, but also various goods representing the famous monsters. Let's see the latest productions for weddings together.

Pokémon was born in 1996 from a series of popular games developed by Game Freak 25 years old and continues to be followed by fans of all ages. To celebrate the anniversary, new themed products have been released specially designed for couples You grew up training virtual monsters or collecting cards and are getting married.

In the tweet posted at the bottom of the news we can see the new jewels that represent the most famous and iconic Pokémon Pikachu. A pair of electric mice first appear in a work of art in which the two celebrate their wedding. The specimen on the left wears a top hat and bow tie, while the specimen on the right wears a veil on the head and a flower near the ear.

Then by clicking on the post we can see the same creatures in the picture shown on Special Occasion Accessories. In particular, we can observe one a necklace, in which a heart-shaped jewel is held by the two Pokémon, and a number of Wedding rings consist of different materials.

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Finally, I'll cover the most searched Pokémon on the internet and the results of a global Pokémon survey.

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