After the clip, which sees Ash and Goh on a quest in the frozen lands of Galar, comes the series of Pokemon: Explorations will return to talk about the World Coronation Series and the latest challenges pitting the best trainers in the entire Pokémon world against each other, including two well-known and sometimes unexpected experts.

The unveiling of the World Coronation Series Top 8 has confirmed the return of many familiar faces to viewers and longtime fans, including Camilla by SinnohShe's already faced Lance of Kanto in some of the previous episodes and of course Dandel, champion of the Galar region and currently number one. However, what surprised the community was what they saw in the new key visual Rocco Petri and Alan.

As for Rocco, the justification for his presence at the World Championships lies in his undeniable skills, after all he's the champion of Hoenn's Pokémon League, but Alan's sixth place finish in such a prestigious competition came as a huge surprise. Alan was born as Ash's main rival in the Pokémon XY series, and seeing it immediately made fans want to see a fight between the two. What do you think of Alan and Rocco's return? Let us know in the comments.

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