After the return of the anime's legendary Mewtwo Pokémon exploration has reverted to a lighter style for a moment, showing the continuation of Ash and Goh's journey, but without showing any important revelations related to their research. Fans then began to speculate about the next saga, which was expected of some toys that appeared on the net.

The reveal was made on Twitter by Paul Ryan who manages PokeShopper and has decided to share with the community some information that may be of interest to many. Anticipate the arrival of other great legendary Pokémon in the animeRyan confirmed that it would also be about special goods, and the later appearance on the net of the pictures, which can be found at the end of the news, made us immediately think about it A story arc in the snowy land of the crown, Setting introduced in the second DLC of the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games.

Among the legends introduced in the expansion are two new Regi, Regidrago and Regielekiand it was the latter, the protagonist of the post's images, that led the community to adopt a saga in the Landa Corona. Finding the Regi could actually keep Ash and Goh busy for several episodes, especially when you consider the importance these creatures had in the pastand we can also see the appearance of the Pokémon King Calyrex.

Keep in mind that the series' official manga has also been announced, and we'll leave you to the new aspect of Scyther that was introduced in the anime.

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