As anticipated by the Pokémon Explorations preview shared a few days ago, Ash Ketchum took the field again in episode 25 of the anime, facing the coach Korrina (also known as Ornella in the Italian version) for climb the ranking of the Pokémon World Championship. So how did the meeting end between the two?

Ash and Korrina had already met inPokémon episode 44 XY, with the prize the Yantaropoli Fight Medal. At the time the clash was won by the protagonist, who managed to defeat the Mega Lucario of the Gym Leader for the broken headphones thanks to Pikachu's efforts. This new battle instead took place during the Fighting Festival, an event organized to allow trainers to accumulate points for the aforementioned Pokémon World Championship.

The tournament is a simple points competition where the most consistent coaches are rewarded. In total there are four bands: Normal Class (initial class), Super Class (positions from 999th to 100th place), Hyper Class (from 99th to 9th) e Master Class (Top 8). Ash Ketchum has revealed that he wants to go to the Master Class to get a rematch with Champion Dandel.

Just one win from Super Class, Ash and Korrina meet on the battlefield for a fight two against two. Being his new Riolu still too immature, Ash chooses Gengar and Dragonite, while Korrina opts for Mienshao and Lucario.

In the first part of the battle Gengar suffers a severe defeat, unable to even scratch the opposing Mienshao. Korrina decides not to risk and I send Lucario onto the field to close the clash. At this point Ash's Dragonite takes over, quickly closing the accounts with Mienshao and clashing with Lucario. After the Mega Evolution the clash gets tougher, but Dragonite manages to resist the blows of the opponent and close the encounter with Dragartigli. Ash then rises to the 921 position of the ranking and enters the Super Class.

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