The reopening of the anime Pokémon exploration caused a lot of reaction from fans, showed off new Pokémon that will only join Ash and Gou’s teams in the future, and expected these to be likely some of the most intense moments of the entire season, currently reaching 37 episodes.

Over the course of the episodes seen so far, it has been shown that the new series is fundamentally different from the previous ones, both for a faster pace in the narrative that has led us to explore different regions, and not just that of Galar, as well for adding the now co-star Gou who won over fans instantly.

The two trainers then managed to catch a lot more Pokémon than in the past, bringing techniques and skills to the screen that had never been seen before. Despite all these elements, which probably speak for the whole project, the fans were surprised a certain frame that appeared in the final openingwhere Ash and Gou are seen surrounded by purple clouds as they look up at the sky.

IS a clear indication of the dark night phenomenon, described in the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games, and indeed, a few hours after the episode was released, the picture you can find at the bottom of the news that actually shows was shared Eternatus in its Eternamax form.

Keep in mind that other legends also surfaced in the opening and that a fan created the beetle shape of Eevee.

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