In the next episodes of the series Pokemon: Explorations will move away from Ash's rise in the World Coronation Series to return to finding the two protagonists. In fact, Ketchum and Goh travel to the Landa Corona, where a mysterious Pokemon and two characters known from the past appear to be.

Introduced to the Alola region, Lillie and her younger brother Gladio have made frequent appearances in the Pokémon Sun and Moon series, and according to the Synopsis for episode 111 of the new season will return to cross paths with Ash in Galar.

By Title"Lillie and Paver, a snowy reunionThe episode shows the protagonists heading to the icy lands of the Crown Rift to investigate the appearance of a Pokémon, and there Ash will meet his old rivals Gladio and Lillie, who have arrived from Alola in search of their missing father, Paver.

It is therefore very likely that the appearance of the Pokémon could have prompted Paver, a professor from the Aether Foundation first discover the existence of Ultra Rifts, in inhospitable places in the snowy lands. Let us know what you think of this unexpected reunion in the comments. Finally, we share with you the best trainers of the World Coronation Series and the Converse dedicated to Pikachu and Mew.

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