Eevee has been a Pokémon gift since the first generation of anime and video games. This little creature is very special because it can evolve a wide variety of types. In the beginning there were only the three flareons Vaporeon and Jolteon of the fire, water and electric type.

Over the generations, the Pokémon world has expanded, and with it, too Eevee developments. In fact, Espeon and Umbreon were added, then Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon, who added more types to their developments. However, there are still different types, but a fan has decided to represent them all through Fan Art.

PTIckles, a Reddit user, has posted on Pokémon's subReddit Eevee's new combat-like development, which he called Champeon. As can be seen below, the Pokémon's silhouette is slender and its hair is completely red. There are several bandages around the body in several places, as used in certain disciplines. He has a rather proud and fighter-like look and strongly reflects a combat-like Eevee. We will definitely not see it Pokémon: Explorations, the current generation of anime with Go-Co-Star, but nothing will ban such a Pokémon in the future.

In the next few days, PTickles will share more pictures of the development of Eevee with the unused types. Which one would you like to see in the next drawing? Who knows if Ash's sixth Pokémon will be an Eevee on his new journey.

I am currently working on creating an eeveelution for every unused type (including normal) and have decided to start with the fighting type! by r / pokemon

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