As you know for sure, this is from Pokémon is a franchise company that has never lost its luster over these decades, has stayed on the crest of the waves for decades and has managed to capture the hearts and minds of young and old, with every new generation of users always ready to embrace it colorful world.

In addition to the now well-known trading card game, the brand has published countless themed productions, including animated series, video games, animated films and much more. An enormous amount of content intended to keep a simply gigantic fan base occupied. Never miss the opportunity to praise the IP as demonstrated by the cosplay and fan art that keep popping up on the most famous social networks.

Given the success, especially with the Pokémon series: Explorations, which also gave new impetus to many fans with a few more years on their shoulders, many companies have started developing themed gadgets, including company PM Studio guys who have decided to give the nostalgic effect with strength A great Pokémon-themed character specially dedicated to Charmander. As can be seen from the pictures at the bottom of the news, the product shows the well-known Pokémon while it literally comes out of its playing card, all adorned with high flames that surround it on all sides, a work whose end result appears to be of great quality. As announced by the company, the product can currently be pre-ordered at a price of 89 euros (excluding shipping costs) while the release has not yet been announced.

Before we say goodbye, we'd like to remind you that a Pokémon-themed character dedicated to Pidgeot was also recently unveiled.

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