Voice actress Rika Matusmoto, famous for voicing Ash Ketchum Pokémon animated franchisewas sued by one of her assistants for alleged embezzlement of funds given by the Japanese government to produce art projects.

Recently, the Tokyo Prefecture Government granted grants to the suffering artists economic losses due to the pandemic of COVID-19. This fund is designed to fund video projects with a maximum budget of 100,000 yen, less than eight hundred euros at the current exchange rate, for each member of a team of up to ten members.

According to the report, Rika Matsumoto has brought together six personalities, two of whom are ineligible. Ash's voice actress also did the paperwork by asking for the group's grants Deposit your personal accountThis violates a local administrative rule, according to which the deposit must be made directly to each member.

The source claimed that Matsumoto is quick prone to anger and that keeps changing the script of the series. When one of the assistants questioned their decisions, Matsumoto reacted intimidatingly. As a result, up to ten assistants resigned in just four years.

Besides the moral harm, the wizard did Matsumoto denounced for alleged debts. In fact, the voice actress appears to have failed to pay the 100,000 yen the Japanese government allocated to its staff. The local administration reported that the working group set up by Matsumoto was not qualified and therefore requested repayment of the funds paid. It therefore seems that the assistant has to say goodbye to the sum due. The first season of Pokèmon Explorations has now ended. The anime is on vacation right now. Pokémon Expeditions will return in January 2021.

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