The Adventures of Pokemon have existed for over 20 years and still fascinate millions of enthusiasts from all over the world. Ash's struggles to achieve his dream, along with the myriad of video game formats, helped proliferate the franchise.

2019, only after a 22-year adventureAsh became the Pokémon League Champion, an event the community had enthusiastically celebrated as at least one generation had grown up alongside the legendary trainer and his follower Pikachu. With the end of Pokémon: Explorations, the final official anime for now, fast approaching, fans began to wonder what the outcome of the final showdown would be dandelion.

The answer has finally arrived with today's episode: Ash is officially the best trainer in the world. A real triumph achieved by our hero with an exceptional team, perhaps the strongest of all time, which gave the protagonist the opportunity to defeat his most difficult opponent.

An unbelievable result for the most famous coach of all time, the crowning of his biggest dream after 25 years. And you, what do you think of this victory? Let us know with a comment below.

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