Studio Pierrot is very busy with the original Boruto anime: Naruto the Next Generations story arc and has revealed its next project which will be released in October 2022. From the manga series by Kokone Nata, the adaptation of Play it cool guys.

Through a short trailer posted by Avex Pictures on YouTube, lo Animation studio behind Boruto presented the animated adaptation of Play It Cool, Guys. In addition to the teaser clip, a key visual and some important information about the staff and cast leading the production were released.

Unlike the classic canons, Play It Cool, Guys have 15 minute episodes everyone. Also, it has already been announced that it will be broadcast in two separate cours. Chiaki Kobayashi, Kouki Uchiyama, Yuichiro Umehara and Shoya Chiba give voice to the four protagonists Hayate Ichihara, Shun Futami, Takayuki Mima and Soma Shiki.

The anime series Studio Pierrot is entrusted Director Chiaki Kon, past author of some animes in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series. Makoto Uezu and Airi Taguchi are credited as script supervisors and character designers. Also in October, the hypothetical release date of the Chainsaw Man anime is expected.

Play It Cool, Guys tells the story of a group of four super cool looking guys. However, they are just a bunch of idiots trying to look stylish all day long. Kokone Nara's work is an entertaining collection of stories divided equally for each of the boys.

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