Not many people are familiar with the wonderful adventure of Oz and Alice in Pandora hearts, Jun Mochizuki's magnificent gem, but which has not enjoyed a happy animated adaptation. Who knows if things could change now that the franchise has finally reached a major milestone.

While waiting for the case study of Vanitas to land on the small screen, an anime adaptation that was announced recently among other things, the writer of Pandora Hearts has decided to celebrate 15th anniversary of the manga with a special illustration that you can see at the end of the news. However, it appears that the Mochizuki Sensei doesn't want to end the celebrations with a simple, unedited image, in fact, something seems to be in the pipeline for the series.

In fact, through her official profile, the author took the opportunity of the anniversary to show readers that there is one new project for Pandora Hearts in preparation However, this will only be announced at a later date. We don't know exactly what it is, whether it's a remake of the manga, a sequel or even a feature film, yet fans of the saga are hoping for a remake of the anime that can be reproduced on the small screen, perhaps with a new one Style, the whole Story of Oz and Alice.

What do you think it is exactly about? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this with a comment below.

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