On the official Twitter account for the original anime by Chukyo TV and animation studios sublimation, Shikizakuraa new promotional video was shared for the project. The video shows a fragment of the opening theme titled "Believe Myself" performed by Asuka.

The series premieres in Japan next October. In fact, the premiere was scheduled for earlier this year, but there was a change in production that was not explained. The series is also confirmed by hand with twelve episodes of 30 minutes each and a manga adaptation Hayato Aoki currently in publication.


  • Yuudai Noda as Kakeru Miwa.
  • Miho Mashiro as Ouka Myoujin.
  • Daisuke Nakamoto as Kippei Nagatsu.
  • Shouto Mizukami as Ryou Hattori.
  • Eri Sakazaki as Kaede Naruse.
  • Natsuki Ochiai as Haruko Yamada.
  • Shingo Yoneyama like Ibara.

Production team

  • Shinya sugai ((Walking meat) is responsible for the general direction of the anime in the studios sublimation ((Love life! Sunshine !!, Spirit arise in the shell), With Tomoyasu Nishimura ((Junketsu no Maria - Sorcière de Gré, Pucelle de Force, Seirei no Moribito) in the production. Both are also board members of sublimation.
  • K&K design Character design is credited.
  • Gou Kurosaki is responsible for the direction of the anime.
  • Naruki Nagakawa is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Manabu Watanabe is responsible for the character design based on the original designs of Ryou Inoue.

Shikizakura synopsis

Shikizakura, the time when cherry blossoms bloom while other trees are painted in the colors of fall. In this special place, where the ephemeral world meets the spirit world, a ritual to save humanity begins ...

Due to a strange twist, the student Kakeru Miwa is an irregular member of a team that uses mechanical suits to fight demons. These demons own people and are trying to reach the perishable world. Only the mechanical suit “Yoroi”, which combines ancient secrets with the latest technology, can protect people from demons. Kakeru then decides to become a hero and protect Ouka Myoujin, the shrine maiden destined to save the world.

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