The third and final season of Oregairu made its debut at Crunchyroll, and opera fans couldn't be happier. On the occasion of the return of the television series, the author Wataru Watari was interviewed on Megami Magazine microphonesand reveals some background information on these latest episodes.

One of the most curious questions was undoubtedly: "This season has the arduous task of ending the story of Hachiman and his companions as best as possible. We therefore expect several episodes full of emotions. Will there be fan service scenes, such as an episode on the beach, to breathe in a little?".

Watari smiled at the reporter and replied: "Everyone who has read the series of light novels knows this well. This is not a work that presents this type of fan service. If you can call a scene that fans have been waiting for a long time as "fanservice", you will see something like that. I'll give you an example. In one episode, you see Hachiman and Tamanawa in the middle of a rap fight. In my opinion, this can be seen as a way to release the tension, but I don't think it's important to you!".

In episode 8 of season one actually Studio Feel has added a short fanservice scene with Komachi, younger sister of Hachiman. Apparently, however, this past season will have a more serious tone and lose less chatter.

And what do you think about it? Would you have liked to see something like this? Let us know with a comment! If the answer is yes, we remind you that you can comfort yourself with Rent-A-Girlfriend and Uzaki-chan, two other summer souls that are currently in the air.

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