Since 2012, some time after the launch of ONE webcomic, Yusuke Murata decided to launch a new sequel on Tonari no Young Jump, Shueisha's digital Seinen magazine. That's how it started One Punch Man remake in manga format, with sublime drawings that once again showcased the artistic skills of the mangaka.

To this day, with 10 years on his shoulders, One-Punch Man remains one of the most followed manga. The strength of Saitama has been even more at the center of events lately, with a battle many have been waiting for that will have a definite impact on everything created to date. Meanwhile, Yusuke Murata shared a few words on Twitter that left more than one reader wondering.

"The series is coming to an end. Sensei EINES and I will do our best until the end"It was recently revealed that ONE is collaborating on the One-Punch Man manga, and it seems the two have something in mind. The expression in Japanese It's not set up to hint at the ultimate conclusion of One-Punch Man. The highest probability is therefore that the current story arc will simply be completed shortly.

There are actually other chapters to be adapted from the webcomic, with the story of Saitama probably not ending here.

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