One-Punch Man's 2023 didn't start off lightly. Even after the heroes have defeated the monsters, there are still many things to solve. And in all of this, many other characters have made their move, from Professor Bofoi to the mysterious Tsukuyomi organization. But to hold court at the moment One punch man is a sensational challenge between heroes.

To counter Tatsumaki, Saitama grabbed the psychic's arm and decided to transport her away, away from everyone so that she would not harm anyone, especially Fubuki's subordinates or those who are within the heroes' gigantic structure. And so begins Tatsumaki VS Saitama, a fight already declared. One Punch Man 179 However, it can accommodate a small family consisting of a father, mother and son, who drive to the heroes' building by car, where they bought an apartment with a 35-year mortgage.

In the meantime, Saitama throws Tatsumaki away, which takes them to the desert area about two kilometers from the hero's fortress. Here, Tatsumaki pushes the bald guy away and then starts attacking him. He then decides to unleash his power, knowing his opponent will resist and create a tornado of terror. Saitama watches the scene as the small family drives by nearby. Some of the boulders thrown by Tatsumaki almost hit the car, but Saitama intervenes in time. Then the opposite also happens: Saitama dodges some boulders and the car threatens to be hit, but then Tatsumaki steps in to save the family.

After throwing them back onto the street, launch the second part of the fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama in One-Punch Man.

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