The world of statuettes often goes hand in hand with a fan's great passion: being able to watch and touch one's favorite characters is priceless. For the ONE PIECE fans a well-known Twitter profile offers a great opportunity.

The distributor is Iker Logan and the protagonist of this news is Zoro. The pirate hunter is one of the most famous swordsmen the manga and anime world. He was born on November 11th and is a handsome boy with green eyes. He has a scar on his chest, starting from his left shoulder and crossing it diagonally, and another on his left eye. Serious and menacing demeanor with a look that would unnerve even the most famous captains.

The above characteristics are also part of the statuette proposed in the November 25th tweet, as well finished as the figure of Katakuri, also in ONE PIECE. Curated by LX STUDIO, "the size" on Roronoa Zoro is 195 euros in green or black version. The pre-order costs 50 euros and the release is planned for the first quarter of 2023. You are 26 centimeters of the local boy from Shimotsuki Village with the three-sword fighting technique. The personalization of the statuette, the details and the general aesthetic make it a valuable product.

What do you think of this product it is dedicated to? Zorro from ONE PIECE? And if you're curious, an impressive figure of Naruto's Itachi was also recently produced.

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