Eiichiro Oda's manga is about to reach a milestone that few can boast of. The expected chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE, which will certainly appear on Weekly Shonen Jump in 2021, was unfortunately unable to debut at the end of this year due to the numerous pauses. However, this is not to be disappointed as the manga continues regularly.

Currently, just over a dozen chapters for this important checkpoint are missing from the manga's release. But even now it almost seems like we are in the final stages of the Wanokuni games, with the beginning of Clash between the Nine Red Sheaths and Kaido in dragon version on the summit of Onigashima. And Luffy is around too, who has already stated that he will be joining them soon.

Oda seems to have given up the 1: 1 clashes we saw in the Enies lobby in Alabasta on the Island of the Fishmen for this important battle. The great chaos, the very high number of warriors in such a small space and the almost divine abilities of some characters may not allow for as widespread management as in the past.

But the Wanokuni saga could go straight to the end of the Fight with Kaido which could end with the death of the emperor. What happened if Luffy managed to kill him in Chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE? Oda will surely have planned a bombshell chapter on such a subject, and at the moment it seems inconceivable that the story and struggle could be interrupted to show us more. You What do you expect from ONE PIECE 1000??

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