The story of Gol D. Roger, or Gold as he was publicly called by the navy, ended in the same instant in which the manga of ONE PIECE. However, his legend continued in the years to come and is still the engine of the events we are experiencing today. Unfortunately Roger had an illness that would not allow him to live long.

For this reason he decided to withdraw from pirate life immediately after finding the legendary treasure One Piece, to join with Portgas D. Rouge and give birth to little Ace. In the last moments of life, however, he decided to surrender to the marines to launch the great era of piracy. What if Roger hadn't been plagued by that disease? What would become of him and his legendary crew?

Fan Ricky Acong Subroto tries to imagine this scenario that we will never see in ONE PIECE. As you can see below, the fan designer has created an image with an old Roger in the center, surrounded by his most prominent aged or grown elements. inevitable Shanks is Rayleigh on both sides, while on the left there is also Ace. There are also Buggy the Clown, Scopper Gaban but also the non-canon Douglas Bullet that Oda has not included in the official line up of the Pirate King crew. Do you like this picture and would have liked to see it in full ONE PIECE?

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