Often an author tends to be very critical of his work and hardly finds the best qualities. In case of ONE PIECEOn the other hand, Eiichiro Oda is very clear about which parts of his masterpiece he cherished the most during the narration.

During the interview, which debuted at home in the last few days, the sensei took the opportunity to open up to his audience and share interesting anecdotes about the work. During the chat he related the experience before the manga started, in this case Jump's refusal to serialize ONE PIECE, as well as some diatribe with his publisher due to a particularly intense scene.

In any case, the series remains one of the magazine's bulwarks today, thanks to some of the author's ideas that are downright brilliant. But what are your favorite scenes in all of the 989 chapters? His personal top 3 start with Opening table from Wano, one of the best aspects of the entire work, beautifully enriched with landscape elements. In second place, however, is the scene in which Robin covers Usopp with mangroves, an episode that the sensei took advantage of to make the images of ONE PIECE more realistic. Closes his ranking Campfire table in the Skypeia saga. In any case, thanks to Sandman, the three pages in question can be restored at the end of the news.

What is your personal top 3 for you? Let us know with a comment below.

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