The name Vegapunk was mentioned years ago. This scientist always featured prominently, although he never fully appeared in the play. The genius of ONE PIECE has finally shown itself in the last few chapters, albeit differently than expected due to Vegapunk's particular six satellites.

But now the wait is over: Chapter 1066 of ONE PIECE has narrated various unpublished situations, juggling between past and future, and it is Shedding light on the identity and appearance of Vegapunk. The 43-year-old scientist was a short, stocky man with a very broad face and a tongue that was always sticking out, as well as an extremely elongated skull.

Concluding the flashback, the final pages of the chapter instead allow Luffy to meet the current body of the scientist that is much more like Albert Einstein. Both the face and head have been modified, making it much older, but instead of the top of the huge skull, there's now a simple apple-shaped lid.

On the one hand, the current appearance is reminiscent of that of the scientist Albert Einstein, on the other hand, there was also a reference to the brilliant Isaac Newton. You expected a look like this for Vegapunk?

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