Anime and manga fans have always wanted to see the protagonists of their favorite series among the LEGO characters, and despite years of persistence, the Danish company is still trying to include the exponents of series such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Jojo and of course ONE PIECE .

That is why the fans decided to do so Create personalized LEGO figuresand dedicated them to the characters of the souls that are most dear to them. This is the case of user @Theindianaevan who shared the post on Reddit at the bottom of the page.

The enthusiast had been asked to do this Lysop in LEGO format and the result is impressive. The mini figure perfectly reproduces the style of the Mugiwara sniper before the time jump and is added incredible attention to detail, like the characteristic nose, shown in profile.

Although it is not that easy to replicate such a character so meticulously among the people who commented on the post There are those hoping for an official LEGO kit dedicated to the straw hat crewthat has received many custom sets over the years, even with the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny.

Keep in mind that ONE PIECE is currently included in Chapter 985 and that we believe the character of Monkey D. Garp deserves further investigation in the series.

Received a commission for Lego Usopp. Needless to say, I loved r / OnePiece

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