in the Tokyo Ghoul Society is divided into two parts, the human and the nocturnal and starved of the ghouls, who terrify creatures that eat human flesh. But there are characters like Touka Kirishima who live halfway between the two worlds. What are your ideals?

Unlike the ghouls and radicalists of the aogiri tree, Touka only wants Kirishima live his daily life in a peaceful wayto be able to move around people without any problems of any kind. This great desire is also the legacy her father left; an inheritance that his brother Ayato passionately rejects.

The Kirishima brothers grew up uniquely with their father Arata, a good and friendly ghoul who firmly believed in the coexistence between his and the human race. But suddenly the CCG investigators brutally killed him while they were looking for his two children. This is where the gap between Touka and Ayato arose. While the girl said carry on his father's idealsAyato decided to give in to his ghoul instincts.

After this threatening event, Touka started working at the Anteiku Café, a mysterious meeting place for the protagonists of Tokyo Ghoul. The bar donated new life for the young girlwho was able to realize his dream and that of his father, but the arrival of Ken Kaneki has revolutionized his being. In the absence of mutual opinions about the coexistence between the ghoul and human society, a clear break arose between the two, but one that seems ready to heal. To prevent Covid-19 infection, protect yourself with these Tokyo Ghoul masks.

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