After the grand finale of the Wano saga and the appointment of the four new Emperors, Eiichiro Oda has declared that he is ready for the final ONE PIECE saga. But exactly how much is still missingEpilogue to Luffy's Adventures and his crew? The author himself provides a clue.

A brief hiatus interrupted the manga's continuation at the end of the story arc in the land of Wa, but the legendary story of Eiichiro Oda will return soon. The ONE PIECE 1054 spoilers lead us to a roaring chapter that is highly anticipated by the community. This will indeed be the first step to closure.

On the occasion of a beautiful Interview with Master Gosho Aoyama, Detective Conan's equally legendary author, the Sensei Oda, spoke about the ending, creating a real buzzword on the internet.

In an excerpt from the Conversation between the two mangakawhich you can find in the tweet at the end of the article, Oda would have explained at the end: "I'm still not sure how many years it will last. I've answered this question so many times that I've lost credibility now, so I don't think I should answer"In fact, Oda always talked about the ending of ONE PIECE.

Despite the initial indecisiveness, theAuthor of ONE PIECE then he finally decided to answer. "I shouldn't say that out loud, but right now my goal is in three years", referring to the epilogue. Aoyama responded, specifying how things can change from one moment to the next, and Oda confirmed it in his own way.

The mangaka later corrected his shot, stating that his personal goal is more realistically achievable within five years. So, Oda's intention is to complete his work by 2025-2027. In your opinion, will he also deny these new statements or stick to the planned date?

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