Although the animated series by ONE PIECE Both are currently in Wanokuni's second act. The new opening theme featured a variety of characters ready to be introduced. Among these, Oden Kozuki stands out - whose appearance has been revealed - a choice that has divided debate within the community.

However, even Sabo's presence has sparked discussion of several theories regarding its hypothetical use in future episodes. Like every sunday A new episode of ONE PIECE awaits us, this time the 936. As the trailer at the end of the article explicitly suggests, the episode will focus on the ryou, the haki extension of the armor that Luffy uses to face the emperor Kaido.

Elder Hyo will play an important role in learning this power. Straw hat show a concrete application within a fight. The few pictures in the teaser show a certain care in the staging; We hope that this is not just an isolated sequence, but that it applies to most of the episode in order to allow us to properly adapt the paper material that Eiichiro Oda created.

ONE PIECE: The opening anticipates the consequences and shows a new, important character. ONE PIECE: Twists and Fury, here are the titles of the next episodes of the anime.

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