The conclusion of the Wano saga, one of the longest-running and most important of all ONE PIECE will introduce the reader to the final saga of the opera, in which the four emperors will certainly play a more than central role. In anticipation of how the Mugiwara journey will unfold, here is a great figurine dedicated to Shanks the Red.

Arriving near Wano with his crew, Shanks rendered further assistance to Straw Hat, startling Admiral Ryokugyu with his ambition, who had just been blown away by the extraordinary power displayed on the battlefield by Momonosuke, the country's new shogun had been rejected. Pleased with the growth of the child I met in Foosha many years ago, Shanks is now determined to conquer the ONE PIECEand could present a major stumbling block for Luffy and the Mugiwara to overcome.

As a tribute to the artists of LX Studio They have created the images that you can see in the post below, where the details of the product are also explained. The 10-inch figure appears well-crafted and shows Shanks unleashing his Gryphon saber and harnessing his ambition. Released in the first six months of 2023, the figure will be sold at a price Price of 180 euros.

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