There is little time left now - relatively - a ONE PIECE. After the Wano saga, we will step into the final narrative arc that will inevitably lead the protagonists of the Straw Hat crew to face one of the four emperors, Blackbeard and his pirates. It seems like an inevitable clash where everyone will face off against all components.

Let's check out all the members of Blackbeard's crew to understand what Mugiwara they will encounter in the course of the epic battle between the two crews of ONE PIECE.

  • Blackbeard will face Luffy. Clearly and compulsorily, the two captains will reach the climax of their feud.
  • The former prison guard Shiryu meets Roronoa Zoro. The two are both swordsmen and their fight seems difficult to avoid.
  • The Commander Jesus Burgess will instead face Sanji. Given the former's hand-to-hand combat style, it seems inevitable that the Mugiwara cook will face this.
  • Van Augur and Usopp compete in a sniper competition. Both must show enviable aim in order to overwhelm the other.
  • Lafitte is the navigator of Blackbeard's crew, who will he meet? When we think of his role, the opponent it appears to be Nami. However, his way of doing things and the stick he always carries with him that could hide a weapon seems to leave room for you too Fight with brook.
  • The doctor Doc Q has to face Chopper here too for a role similarity. However, its weapons and strength seem unsuitable for the humanoid reindeer.
  • The deadly Catarina Devon is therefore unlikely to have a male opponent Directions could be suggested by Nico Robin. However, if Yamato or Carrot really does join the crew, the two might be best suited to face the fighting style.
  • It looks rather nebulous with Vasco Shot and Avalo Pizarro. Since we haven't shown any special skills yet, the most interesting ones are right now Franky and Jinbe.
  • After all, Sanjuan remains wolf. With his size and his powers he looks like an opponent who is not accessible to anyone. You may need one remaining Mugiwara tag team to bring down the colossal giant.

It must be said that if other members of the Mugiwara join the fight would no longer be 10 VS 10, but there could be some double clashes. In addition, the intervention of the Great Straw Hat Alliance with the captains on the front lines against these monstrous pirates cannot be ruled out.

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