We got to the bottom of the third act of Onigashima. After so many difficulties, the protagonists of ONE PIECE They finally faced Kaido, and Luffy began an all-out war. There will be no other winners than the Straw Hat Pirates and the Samurai Alliance.

Towards the end of ONE PIECE, Chapter 987, Luffy stays with Big Mom nearby while Kaido transforms into a dragon and takes the nine red scabbards to stop on top of Onigashima's skull-shaped dome. Here Kaido manifests itself in all its power with kite coils contrasting with the moonlight, while Kin'emon and his faithful companions are small.

This scene turns into an anime thanks to the video from K164. The fan digitally colored the board and then animated it by giving Kaido movement in the sky and then adding more shifts and some details of the samurai kimonos to the clouds below. The fan then placed the famous to be continued in red Toei Animation always places this at the end of its episodes.

Have you already imagined this scene in the ONE PIECE anime, directed by Tatsuya Nagamine? However, it will take about a year to show up.

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