It was a matter of time before Vegeta was also in the limelight Dragonball Super. The fight with Granolah turned out to be more difficult than expected for our heroes, who expected such skills from a person who, in reality, has no experience on the battlefield.

The Saiyan Prince who replaced Goku, who was removed from the game, he immediately tested the opponent to understand his skills and after some exchange of words he immediately learned the lack of experience of Granolah. After that, Vegeta decided to get serious and unleash his new transformation that was accomplished thanks to Beerus' teachings. But what is the origin of this power?

To understand better, we have to take a step back to chapter 69, when the god of destruction scolds Vegeta for feeling guilty for the sins of all Saiyans and for being trapped in his past. After all, Toyotaro and Toriyama drew the manga's attention heavily to the prince's will to redeem, a goal now being challenged by Beerus, whose only thought is always the same: to destroy. Away from everything, from earth and from his family, without protecting anyone, Vegeta has finally allowed his true self to reappear and dispel all doubts from his soul. It seems, therefore, that this is the key to the new divine technique that we will get to know better next month.

What do you think is the source of this power? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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