ONE PIECE: The animations of Zoro against Kamazo, how did the fans understand it?

In the episode yesterday, the opening of ONE PIECE 23 was opened. Fans liked some animation and music, although many spoilers from the later stadiums didn't like it. But many are not looking at the future of the series, but at the recent past.

In fact, there was a clash between Zoro and Kamazo in ONE PIECE a few days ago. The swordsman had to face the mysterious assassin who hunted two girls who fled the capital and had to use a scythe without a sword to emulate his canonical three swords. The end of the fight was a simple exchange of hits on paper, but in reality Toei Animation worked hard to make it as appealing as possible.

The result is a few seconds, which you can also see in the Funimation tweet below, with lots of visual effects that really made the scene epic. Only in response to the tweet, the reactions of ONE PIECE fans who continued react enthusiastically to animations used by anime staff.

It therefore seems that with the new artistic direction of ONE PIECE, Toei animation hit the mark. What's the next scene you want to see with this quality?

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